Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in time to Pack

Amanda, Charlotte, Me, and Christina
Of course I had given myself some time to relax and pack my bags but it was so bitter sweet. The past 6 weeks had been a life changing time for me. There is something about being on your own in a foreign land that I guess really makes you figure out who you are. Being the planner that I am I called the bus depot to ask them if they could please come up to our apartments to pick us up as we had 28 or so students with lots of luggage going to the airport.  So glad they picked us up, we didn’t want to have to walk the dreaded hill! A super steep hill, we were on top and the town was below.

 The flight back was indeed something to remember. We were about 1 ½ into the flight when all of a sudden we hear, “is there a doctor on flight?” HOLY SHIT!!! What is going on??? Well, turns out a baby was having some problems and we had to turn around and head back to Oslo. We had to wait on the tarmac for a gate, de plane, and then wait for them to do diagnostic testing on the plane since we had a heaving landing (the plane was still full of fuel). We finally made it Newark 14 hours later! We missed out flight back to Houston and had to stay overnight…blah! Amanda and I decided to take the 1st flight out that left at about 5 a.m., gave us about 3 hours of sleep and took us through Cincinnati or something but we made it to Houston! FINALLY! So glad to be home…now it was time to chill for a week then head back up to school for summer classes….but not before an amazing trip to Italy was in the works! ;)
me and Justin

me and Amanda

the 3 of us!
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