Saturday, February 25, 2012

World's Most Popular Landmarks

Empire State Building
Landmarks have piqued our interest for years and some are the reasons why we travel to the cites the reside in. So when I stumbled upon this article written by Sarah Spagnolo about the most popular landmarks in the world I thought it would make a good blog post. Enjoy! Highlighted in purple are the ones I have been to :)

No. 1 Statue of Liberty, New York City
More than a century after France gifted this 151-foot copper sculpture to the United States, three million–plus visitors head to Liberty Island each year to admire it.

No. 2 Empire State Building, New York City
Manhattan’s classic skyscraper soaring 1,435 feet above 34th Street is widely considered the quintessential Art Deco landmark and currently holds the record as the city’s tallest building.

No. 3 Golden Gate Bridge,  San Francisco
Spanning 4,200 feet across Golden Gate Strait, the structure’s dramatic setting, orange color, and sheer size have made it one of the world’s most recognized bridges since 1937.

No. 4 Eiffel Tower,  Paris
Gustave Eiffel’s 984-foot monument of open-latticed wrought iron wowed the 1889 World Expo, instantly becoming a Paris icon—despite initial resistance from Parisians themselves.

No. 5 Big Ben,  London
Though the name refers exclusively to its 13-ton bell, the world’s most famous clock tower has helped keep Londoners punctual since 1859.

No. 6 Colosseum, Rome
When construction finished on this 513-foot freestanding amphitheater in A.D. 82, 50,000 Romans could pack in to ogle gladiator death battles and mock naval combat.

No. 7 Millennium Park, Chicago
The standout features of Chicago’s 24.7-acre Millennium Park include Anish Kapoor’s jellybean-like Cloud Gate sculpture, Frank Gehry’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and various outdoor art exhibitions.

No. 8 St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
It took a star-studded team of Renaissance masters—including Raphael, Michelangelo, and Bernini—more 
than a century to complete the Vatican’s magnificent, art-filled cathedral.

No. 9 Swiss Re Building, London
Nicknamed The Gherkin, the 2004 glass-paneled, rocket-shaped office tower in London’s financial center was designed by Norman Foster using 10,000 tons of structural steel.

No. 10 The High Line, New York City
Flower beds, day loungers, even a bar occupy this once-abandoned elevated rail bed—reconceived by Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro—that now threads through buildings from the Meatpacking District to West 30th Street.

Big Ben

Swiss Re Building 
St. Peter's Basilica 

The Colosseum

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sin City

So this past weekend we took my little (well not so much anymore) brother to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday. I decided to do this for him because when I was in college I never really got him anything great for Christmas or his birthday since I didn’t really have money to spend…So I guess I was trying to make it up to him. This would also be my husband's first trip to Sin City. I booked the trip online at and got pretty nice deal (or I'd like to think); we got 2 round trip flights and a stay at the Bellagio for 2 nights for $1200. The Bellagio is nice and in a great location right in the middle of the strip. My only complaint was I had ordered my brother a birthday cake and it arrived about 45 minutes late, the wrong flavor and they didn’t give us any forks! When we called to see where it was at they said it was on the way and would be there any second…it was there about 10-15 minutes later so I am thinking they forgot. Of course we didn’t have to pay for it.

For our first night there I had bought a groupon for a Club Party Tour. We got on a party bus and went from club to club and had free drinks on the bus (good things because drinks were crazy expensive!). We left that scene before the tour was over because it's not really our thing. The next day we woke up and headed across the street to the Mile Mall (Planet Hollywood) to get breakfast and bring some back for my brother before we headed to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, famous from the TV show Pawn Stars. Sad to say that the "Pawn Stars" weren’t there…that was a waste of $40 cab ride. Then they guys did some gambling and I took a nap because all the cigarette smoke everywhere was giving me a HUGE headache! Then we just wondered around before dinner at Serendipity 3 at Caesar's Palace and it was sooooo good! I was so excited to eat there because I wasn’t able to go to the original the last time I went to NYC. The food was good and so was the dessert! YUM! Then we decided to go see Peep Show staring Holly Madison, to be honest she really had nothing to do with the show, she seemed very shy and nervous and you're pretty much paying just to see her topless.

After that it was off to bed to check out and catch our flight in the morning. Vegas is always a city for a quick trip away; hope you had a great birthday little Bro!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rick Steves: Study abroad is necessity, not luxury

So to continue my one post a week trend I will now be talking about travel instead of sharing my stories…because I have no more (until Vegas next week). I was surfing the web and saw this article written by Rick Steves, a travel expert of sorts, about study abroad and how it is something US students MUST do to keep up with the world. Typically when you meet someone from a different country they know 2, maybe 3 or 4 languages verse the typical American that only knows one…English. Steves says, "Ninety-six percent of humanity lives outside our boarders – and we risk being left in the dust if we don’t know how to effectively engage the world."
photo credit
Being a part of the only 2% of American students that were able to study abroad, I too think studying abroad is a must for this country's future. I only studied abroad for six weeks and I sure wish it had been more! I became who I am today in those short six weeks and I grew up so much as a person (as crazy as that sounds). Unfortunately my degree program didn’t offer any study abroad programs so I took one through the business school in International Marketing and Management. I did what I had to do to study abroad and make myself stand out to future employeers. While I was there I met some local people and they are some of my best friends now! Checkout Rick's article HERE!

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