Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rick Steves: Study abroad is necessity, not luxury

So to continue my one post a week trend I will now be talking about travel instead of sharing my stories…because I have no more (until Vegas next week). I was surfing the web and saw this article written by Rick Steves, a travel expert of sorts, about study abroad and how it is something US students MUST do to keep up with the world. Typically when you meet someone from a different country they know 2, maybe 3 or 4 languages verse the typical American that only knows one…English. Steves says, "Ninety-six percent of humanity lives outside our boarders – and we risk being left in the dust if we don’t know how to effectively engage the world."
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Being a part of the only 2% of American students that were able to study abroad, I too think studying abroad is a must for this country's future. I only studied abroad for six weeks and I sure wish it had been more! I became who I am today in those short six weeks and I grew up so much as a person (as crazy as that sounds). Unfortunately my degree program didn’t offer any study abroad programs so I took one through the business school in International Marketing and Management. I did what I had to do to study abroad and make myself stand out to future employeers. While I was there I met some local people and they are some of my best friends now! Checkout Rick's article HERE!

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