Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saying Goodbye, Day 6

Well day 6 was our last day on Hawaii's Big Island :( We had to be out of the hotel by noon but our flight didn’t leave until 10pm! We had  A LOT of time to waste! We had a booked a submarine tour with Atlantis Submarines at 2pm so while we waited for that we had a few cocktails and just walked the streets in Kona looking at some Historic buildings and popping into stores. We both thought that after snorkeling the submarine ride was pretty lame! I would only recommend doing the sub to someone that is afraid to snorkel or doesn’t have 3-4 hours for snorkeling. Atlantis is really there for the cruise lines that come to shore. But now we can say that we have been in a submarine and not many people can say that. After that it was only 3 o'clock so we still had plenty of time to roam around before our dinner reservation at 5. So we walked around some more and headed in the direction of the restaurant. 

Once 5 hit we were ready for some dinner on the patio of Huggo's to watch the sunset (and to be perfectly honest, with nowhere to go we were ready to go home). The food was wonderful! We finished up there and just decided to head to the airport. Once our luggage went through the agricultural screening we went to check in, first question they asked, "would you like to upgrade to 1st class?" Our response, "YES!!!" American Airlines was the cheapest airline to fly with but I have to say their seats were very uncomfortable! Glad we were able to bump up to 1st. They didn’t seem to have their $h*t together at the airport (mostly to people bringing on too much or too big carry on items) and we ended up taking off almost an hour late! But we made it to LA in time and caught our flight to Houston without a hitch. We were so happy to be home but we missed the island life already. Can't wait to visit the other islands!

on the sub
crazy trees

Sunset at Huggo's

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