Friday, October 31, 2014

World’s Creepiest Attractions

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have something fun planned for the evening. We'll be passing out candy to all the little goblins on our street. In honor of the holiday I am sharing this list from T&L on the World's Creepiest Attractions. There are 26 total on the list so I have only highlighted a few, click here to see the full list.

Capelados Ossos, Evora, Portugal - Creepy Factor: Two rotted corpses, of an unknown man and a young child, dangle precariously from nooses

Torture Museum, Amsterdam - Creepy Factor: The disturbing illustrations include one of a naked man hung from his ankles like a wishbone and being sawed in half lengthwise

Port Arthur Historic Sites, Tasmania - Creepy Factor: The most-often reported ghost sightings are not of convicts but of a crying woman and young child

The Museum of Death, Hollywood - Creepy Factor: The self-guided tour takes only an hour, but the truly gore-obsessed can linger over videos of autopsies and actual death footage

Museo delas Momias, Mexico - Creepy Factor: The tiny baby mummies, dressed in local tradition as “Little Angels.”

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA - It took 32 years for Sarah Winchester, reclusive heir to the eponymous rifle empire, to build this labyrinthine 160-room Victorian mansion. She was inspired by séances to quell the spirits of those felled by Winchester bullets. It has 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, 47 stairways—and at least three ghosts. The quagmire of twisting hallways and dead-end stairways were designed to confuse unfriendly apparitions. I have been here and it is a very strange house!

Capuchin Catacombs, Sicily - Creepy Factor: “Sleeping Beauty,” the miraculously intact body of two-year-old Rosalia Lombardo, who died in 1920.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, Belize - Creepy Factor: If the bats and spiders don't put you over the edge, the ancient ceramic bowls have “kill holes,” indicating they were used for bloodletting rituals.

Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic - Creepy Factor: A garland of gap-eyed skulls hangs from the vaulted ceilings, and the massive bone pyramids put “40,000 skeletons” into perspective

Mütter Museum, Philadelphia - Creepy Factor: The Soap Lady's 19th-century remains that turned into a soap-like substance called adipocere, also known as “grave wax.”

Manchac Swamp, Louisiana - Manchac is said to be inhabited by all sorts of things that go bump in the night, including the ghost of voodoo princess Julie White and the Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology. Also keep an eye out for the eerie landmarks Frenier Cemetery and the Hanging Tree

Underground Paris - Creepy Factor: Skeleton-filled catacombs contain the remains of more than 6 million Frenchmen,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cruising: Love it or Hate it?

Do you love to go on cruises? Or do you hate the crowds and the possibility that you'll get stuck in the middle of the ocean? This writer for Yahoo! Travel gives some good reasons to love and hate traveling by cruise ship.

Love: It’s a vacation sampler
You know those appetizer samples you get at finer bars and theme restaurants, where a little of everything on the menu comes on one appetizing plate? Well, cruises are the appetizer samplers of vacations — each port of call gives you a little taste of a tourist destination. If you find one you like, you can take a longer trip there in the future. On a European cruise, Barcelona can be your mozzarella sticks, Naples your potato skins, St. Tropez your onion rings; nibble on them all now, feast on one later.

Hate: The cruise-operated tours
Being tied to a prearranged itinerary for six hours is a special version of hell for me. I did it once, and after several excruciating (and expensive) hours of being trapped on a bus with an operator who would not stop talking, my wife and I were openly contemplating a suicide pact. If you have no choice but to take a group tour for reasons of accessibility or safety, then by all means do it. But if you’re physically able to get around, and if the area you’re visiting supports self-transportation (i.e., it has reliable taxis or nearby car rental agencies, or it’s a port area that you can easily navigate on foot), I recommend going it alone. It’s cheaper and more conducive to mental health.

Love: There’s a bar at every turn
You are never more than a few steps from your next cocktail. Modern-day ships make a ton of money from alcohol sales, so it’s in their interest to make bars as convenient as possible. And they are; cruise ship bars are visible, accessible, and oh so inviting.

Hate: There’s delicious food at every turn
To take a cruise is to be surrounded by temptation with no means of escape. And for those of us who try to be at least somewhat good on vacations, cruises present numerous culinary temptations. You can spend an entire cruise fighting what will eventually be a losing battle to maintain your food discipline.

Love: The workout opportunities
The gyms I see on most cruise ships invariably are nicer, better equipped, and offer more interesting classes than the ones I belong to at home. But there are other areas where you can get your workout on. I’m a big fan of jogging along the tracks that many ships have along their upper decks. And for a little added workout, you can take the stairs between decks instead of elevators.

Hate: The onboard shows
I’m sure the performers are talented. But after a day of running around the port of call, assembling in an auditorium at a given time looks too much like “making plans.” And Vacation Me is allergic to “making plans.”

Love: No pressure
When you’re on a cruise ship, you’re free of that “Isn't there something I should be doing/seeing/experiencing?” vacation pressure that accompanies other trips. When you’re at sea, you’re free to follow your bliss at your own pace, guilt free.

Personally I have only been on one cruise and I didn't think it was all that bad. It was with Carnival and we went to Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Do you love to cruise? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear United, Flyer - Frustrated

So my friends at United Airlines have changed our flights to Hawaii once again...for the 6th time!!! The first few times I think was just 5 mins here 10 mins there but then they changed our flight and it only left us with a 30 minute layover in LA - I wasn't happy with that. So I had them change our flight from Houston to LA to the night before our flight leaves LA to Maui. I was actually sort of excited about this one night stop in LA because now I could try the world famous In-N-Out Burger (they don't have one in Houston yet). Our original flight was supposed to land around 7pm, perfect time for dinner, but now with 2 additional time changes we're now landing at 8pm! Y'all that is SO late for me to eat...looks like I'll be having 2 dinners that night.

When I logged into my account on Friday I was shocked to see all of our flights were red and had a time change. Luckily, they didn't try to move our seats around this time (yeah, they did that too - putting me in Economy when I had paid for Economy Plus but leaving my husband in Plus). I have had to stay on top of these flights like you wouldn't believe!

Have you ever been frusterated with an airline? Why?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Air Rage

Recently there have been a lot of diverted planes due to passengers overreacting. One traveler was even arrested for beating up a United Airlines employee at La Guardia airport who asked to see the man’s baggage-claim ticket.

So what makes you tick when you travel? Yahoo Travel talked to several psychologists to find out what really leads to air rage.

Trigger 1: Strangely, all that air travel security makes people feel vulnerable, so they act out.

Trigger 2: People like their space — and there is none on airplanes, so they fight for it.

Trigger 3: Too much to think about stresses us out, which leads to a short fuse.

Trigger 4: When people fly, there’s often drinking or pill taking involved, so they can be more impulsive.

Trigger 5: Lots of people are anxious about flying, so they’re already on edge.

Trigger 6: Others are belligerent and in a bad mood — and it’s contagious.

What makes you tick when traveling? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekly Travel Pic

I love this sign they have in Key West letting you know how many miles everything is from that spot. It would be so fun to have one of these in my back yard too!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Travel RoundUp

Has there been a lot of travel news while I have been away from the internet?! I don't know, but here are a few things worth mentioning. 

Have a happy Monday! 

1 - Some people were up in arms about how these parents, from England, let their 11 year old daughter fly alone to Paris for a week. Was she on her own? No, she was staying with a host family which, by the read of the article, seemed more like friends. Check it out for yourself

2 - Again, start looking out for the baggage police! I was once asked to check to see if my carry-on would fit in the little box they have at the ticket counter, I replied, "I'm business class." "No problem" they said. :D

3 - Retired flight attendants are fighting for their right for free travel. Do they deserve it? I think they do for period after they retire, maybe 15 years but I don't think it makes sense for a company to offer this until the very end... 

4 - How did this lady make it all the way to her plane and board it with a different name on her ticket?!?! Read here

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Travel Pic

Hello friends! Sorry I have been away, I have been sick lately and completely out of energy; in fact, this is the first time I have been in our office in about 2 weeks!

Anyway, today's picture is a classic photo bomb from my trip to Mexico. Those dang sneaky fish!

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