Friday, October 17, 2014

Air Rage

Recently there have been a lot of diverted planes due to passengers overreacting. One traveler was even arrested for beating up a United Airlines employee at La Guardia airport who asked to see the man’s baggage-claim ticket.

So what makes you tick when you travel? Yahoo Travel talked to several psychologists to find out what really leads to air rage.

Trigger 1: Strangely, all that air travel security makes people feel vulnerable, so they act out.

Trigger 2: People like their space — and there is none on airplanes, so they fight for it.

Trigger 3: Too much to think about stresses us out, which leads to a short fuse.

Trigger 4: When people fly, there’s often drinking or pill taking involved, so they can be more impulsive.

Trigger 5: Lots of people are anxious about flying, so they’re already on edge.

Trigger 6: Others are belligerent and in a bad mood — and it’s contagious.

What makes you tick when traveling? 

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