Friday, September 26, 2014

One Last Trip

Sorry for not posting on Wednesday, I’m a little preoccupied lately…and I was busy watching the season premiere of Chicago Fire! OMG did anybody watch it?!?! I called it on who survived.

Anyway back to travel…

Today I have a question for you; if you could only take one last trip what would it be? Would you go to place you love to experience it one last time or would you travel to some place new that you have never been to before?

This is a tough one. It’s hard to choose between the two options but I think, ultimately, I would go back to a place I love and have wonderful memories of. Maybe I could relive those memories. I think we all know where that is for me…Hawaii. My husband however, said he would want to hike the Great Western Trail for his last trip…maybe I’ll follow in an RV.

So what would you do? Pick the familiar place you absolutely love or try someplace new?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Movies that Inspire Travel

In short the movie is about a chef and his food truck. The chef, played by Jon Favreau (I like his movies), lives in LA and is tired of restaurant owners telling him what to cook. So on a family trip to Miami he buys and restores an old taco truck. The traveling part takes place when he then drives the truck from Miami back to LA, making stops in New Orleans and Austin.

The movie is cute and watching it will make you want to eat one of the delicious Cuban sandwiches he makes!


Million Dollar Arm
This movie takes place in LA and India. Its about a sports agent who is working his last angles to find an athlete that will make him money. So he travels to India to find a cricket player that throws fast enough to be a major league pitcher in the MLB. He does this by creating the reality contest Million Dollar Arm. From there the story of two young Indian boys unfolds into a real American dream.  


Friday, September 19, 2014

Passenger Shaming

Have you ever had another passenger annoy you on a flight? Or maybe just a really rude passenger? With this whole knee defender business and grounding flights because of unruly passengers a website has started to blow up! The site is called and it calls out all those dirty, gross and rude passengers you can’t believe actually exist!  

{all pics are from}
I have a few stories to tell you about some characters on a past flight. On our last trip to Hawaii we were boarding and this annoying couple sat behind us. I thought, “oh great, I have to spend the next 10 hours with these people behind me?!” Then a super nice couple came up and told them they were in their seats. The annoying couple said, “no, these are our seats!” The nice couple showed them their tickets and ask to see theirs and wouldn't you know the annoying couple couldn't find their tickets. So a flight attendant had to get involved and remove the annoying couple from the seat behind us and put them in their proper seats…where they started to pretty much get it on! I am not joking! The flight attendant had to tell the woman she needed to be in her seat with both feet on the ground for takeoff!

{2-5-2 seating configuration}
The whole reason they tried to sit in the wrong seats in the first place was so they didn't have to sit in the middle row (we were on a 2-5-2 aircraft).

The second story is one that an old friend experienced. He was flying from Austin, TX to Paris, France and not even half way into the flight the person next to him died! While they were eating their dinner! The flight was full and they could not seat my friend anywhere else…so they covered the deceased with blankets.

Do you have any crazy stories about gross passengers? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Travel Pic

I never posted about my cruise to Mexico, but for Spring Break 2008 my roommate and I cruised from Galveston, TX to Cozumel and the Yucatan. We were lucky enough to see one of the new wonders of the world, Chichen Itza.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Sorry for not posting on Friday... I'm a bit busy and I feel like I am out of material. But not today! I have a really fun DIY project that we did involving maps.

A while back my in-laws found a bunch of old school maps (the kind that would hang from the chalk/wipe-off boards) from the 1980's. With our love of maps and travel we knew we wanted one to hang in our office.

We decided to mount it off a piece of poplar because it is a hardwood and since the map is on the heavy side we thought that was best. We stained the wood to match the rest in our office.

Then I had to glue all the weights and leather pieces that had fallen apart back together. 

{gluing the map back together}
After all that had been done it was time to hang it up! First we mounted the piece of wood to the wall and then we inserted the screws that would hold the map up. We definitely made sure that we hit all studs when hanging this thing.

{mounted up}

{we love it!}

{USA, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the World}

We absolutely love this map and its so perfect for our office! Now we have 4 maps hanging and two globes!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly Travel Pic

If you have ever been to Pompeii then you know its actually quite interesting (all those phallic symbols...). But I will not post those pics to keep the post PG, but I will post my favorite picture of Mount Vesuvius. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day Trip to a Remote Island

Doesn't that sound fun and interesting? When we head to Hawaii (in less than 6 months!) we decided to add another island to our itinerary. We are taking a ferry ride to spend the day on Molokai! This tiny island is rich in history and is the most native Hawaiian island the public can visit. Molokai is 38 by 10 miles (61 by 16km) making it the fifth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands and has a usable land area of 260 square miles (673.4 squared km).

{Map of the Islands}
Molokai is best known for Kalaupapa Colony, located on the north shore, it’s a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on three sides and 2,000 ft sea cliffs on the fourth. The colony is where long term sufferers of Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) were exiled for containment and treatment. Father Damien and Mother Marianne Cope (both are now Saints) gave their lives to these patients. You can see a movie about Father Damien titled, Molokai: The Story of Father Damien.

We will be arriving at Kaunakakai Harbor and from there we'll take a short trip to the airport to pick up our car for the day. After that we plan to visit the Kalaupapa Sea Cliffs Lookout, the fishponds at One Alii Park, "downtown" Kaunakakai and I hope to visit Molokai Plumerias Farm. 

{Kalaupapa Lookout, Source}

{One Alii Park, Source}
We'll depart the island around 4pm and make our way across the channel back to Maui. I am also hoping we see plenty of whales on this portion of the trip!

Any of my readers been to Molokai? I would love to hear about it!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Travel RoundUp

1 – This clip below is from the Duncan Trussell Podcast...Its hilarious! It does have a few F-Bombs in there. (The last picture in the video source: Hannover Airport - Credit: Ho-Yeol Ryu)

2 – Looks like hotels are going to start charging you for conveniences just like the airlines. Say you land at 10 in the morning but check in is at 3 in the afternoon and you need to store your luggage… that might cost you $1 or $2 per bag. Need an in room safe? That might cost you $1.50 per night. Need to put YOUR water bottle in the mini fridge? That will cost you $25. Its bad enough they charge $20 for internet!

3 –  This seems line old news already and even MORE passengers are making big deals about it that they are making emergency landings...SO...This plane had to do an emergency landing because two passengers were fighting over reclining the seat. One passenger was using the Knee Defender to keep the person in front of him from reclining and the situation escalated causing the Denver bound flight to land in Chicago… Causing the flight to land at its final destination 1 hour and 40 minutes behind schedule.

{Knee Defender}
In this article he says he could have handled the situation better but he isn't going to stop using the device. 

4 – Over 200 crew members have quit Malaysia Airlines…can you blame them?

5 – Check out this cool video of world air traffic in a 24 hour period.

6 – A pilot gave his passengers and once in a lifetime experience when he took a detour to show them the eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland!

{Source, Photo: @Icelandair / Erla Vinsy}

Have a Happy Friday and an even better weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekly Travel Pic(s)

At the beginning of  each month a group of lovely travel bloggers host a link up and this month it is about A Room With A View. I already posted my links, one in Paris and one in Hawaii. So this week I am sharing those two pictures on the Weekly Travel Picture post. Enjoy!

{view from the Holiday Inn Notre Dame}

{view from the Hapuna Prince Hotel, Hawaii Island}
Don't forget to vote for me in the Define Your Aloha photo contest. (I believe I am on page 7 now).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Under Bite: The Tail of 2 Bulldogs

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! We are since we have the day off. And today is a very special day in our house...Lola is 5 years old today!!!! Her birthday falls on a national holiday, how fitting!

{Lola's Fifth Birthday!}
If you know Lola personally then you know she has been through a lot in her short little life. When she was just over year old she had to have heart surgery to see if they could correct her condition, they couldn't. And our little bulldog became an even higher maintenance dog. Its okay, I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known and she is the apple of my eye :P

Anyway, the rest of our weekend has been filled with pure barre, binge watching Chuck on Netfilx, hanging maps and some decorating.

{Sunset, Chuck - Source, Pure Barre - Source, Map, Decor}
How has your weekend been? 

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