Friday, September 19, 2014

Passenger Shaming

Have you ever had another passenger annoy you on a flight? Or maybe just a really rude passenger? With this whole knee defender business and grounding flights because of unruly passengers a website has started to blow up! The site is called and it calls out all those dirty, gross and rude passengers you can’t believe actually exist!  

{all pics are from}
I have a few stories to tell you about some characters on a past flight. On our last trip to Hawaii we were boarding and this annoying couple sat behind us. I thought, “oh great, I have to spend the next 10 hours with these people behind me?!” Then a super nice couple came up and told them they were in their seats. The annoying couple said, “no, these are our seats!” The nice couple showed them their tickets and ask to see theirs and wouldn't you know the annoying couple couldn't find their tickets. So a flight attendant had to get involved and remove the annoying couple from the seat behind us and put them in their proper seats…where they started to pretty much get it on! I am not joking! The flight attendant had to tell the woman she needed to be in her seat with both feet on the ground for takeoff!

{2-5-2 seating configuration}
The whole reason they tried to sit in the wrong seats in the first place was so they didn't have to sit in the middle row (we were on a 2-5-2 aircraft).

The second story is one that an old friend experienced. He was flying from Austin, TX to Paris, France and not even half way into the flight the person next to him died! While they were eating their dinner! The flight was full and they could not seat my friend anywhere else…so they covered the deceased with blankets.

Do you have any crazy stories about gross passengers? 

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