Monday, September 15, 2014


Sorry for not posting on Friday... I'm a bit busy and I feel like I am out of material. But not today! I have a really fun DIY project that we did involving maps.

A while back my in-laws found a bunch of old school maps (the kind that would hang from the chalk/wipe-off boards) from the 1980's. With our love of maps and travel we knew we wanted one to hang in our office.

We decided to mount it off a piece of poplar because it is a hardwood and since the map is on the heavy side we thought that was best. We stained the wood to match the rest in our office.

Then I had to glue all the weights and leather pieces that had fallen apart back together. 

{gluing the map back together}
After all that had been done it was time to hang it up! First we mounted the piece of wood to the wall and then we inserted the screws that would hold the map up. We definitely made sure that we hit all studs when hanging this thing.

{mounted up}

{we love it!}

{USA, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the World}

We absolutely love this map and its so perfect for our office! Now we have 4 maps hanging and two globes!

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