Saturday, August 6, 2011

The end of a Roman Holiday

On the drive back to Rome we make a quick stop in Siena for some lunch and to take in some sights. We didn’t venture too far b/c we were only there for an hour or so. I do remember that our meeting point was right next to a mental health facility and I wasn’t too comfortable with that, LOL. This was also the place where we walked into a bathroom to find a toilet and chair! Just in case you need moral support or something??? Then we were back on the bus headed for Rome.
goodbye Rome! goodbye Italy!

We stayed closer the airport this time but drove back into the city for our arrivederci dinner and wine. It was full of fun and laughter. It was also New Years Eve! All of us “younger” people (the 20 somethings) wanted to go back into Rome to a club but since we all had to be at the airport very early to catch our flights and the taxi ride alone was going to cost 50€ a person it was just too much…so we partied in the hotel. And boy did we party :) 

Welcome 2009!

We didn’t get much sleep but we made it to the airport with PLENTY of spare time and I needed some crackers (I wasn't feeling too good) but we couldn’t find any. So Ashley found me some cookies that read ‘digestive’ I was like, “what the hell?” lol but it was the only thing she could find so I had that and some water.
We got on the plane and headed home to Houston! We met her parents at the airport and hit the closet Whataburger and then made the drive back to Spring Branch/Bulverde….ah what memories!

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