Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prague, the city of hundred spires

{Prague Castle}

Prague is where I had planned to meet my two lovely Norwegian ladies Kjersti and Cecilie! We got there and I immediately called them and we planned to meet after dinner since we had already paid for it in our tour price. And we took the subway into the heart of the city and saw the Astronomical Clock and had a MASSIVE mojito! So big we all shared it! Then the next day on our tour we went to St. Vitus Cathedral which is located in the Prague Castle, it was very beautiful! We did an excursion to see the insides of some of the famous homes and see where Mozart had once preformed. On our way back to the town center to meet up with the girls were we passed Prague Fashion Week which was kind of neat and then we did a little walking around and a little shopping. We headed across Charles Bridge to get these really yummy treats called trdelnik! They were worth the long walk! We had had lunch/dinner in a British Pub and by night time we were hanging out at the hotel and having some drinks. Then we had to say our goodbyes :( it was sad but I was so happy that I got to see them!

{Huge Mojito!}

{yummy trdelnik!}

On a side note, every time we made a pit stop on while traveling we always stopped at a McDonald's! This really made me and Ashley mad because we didn't come all this way to have McDonald's. Well we asked the reason for this and our tour guide told us that since the Communist had moved out (about 10yrs ago) the only people willing to build there was McDonald's so we had no other choice for breaks…ugh, okay I guess.

{me and my Norsk friends!}

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