Sunday, November 6, 2011

Headed back to the USA!

Once back in Munich (even the same hotel) we get our room, relax and get ready for our last night in Europe. We head out to this cute restaurant next to a creek and have our farewell dinner with our director and travel mates. Once everybody started drinking things went smoother, there were some older ladies that went and we wish we had had the chance to talk to them sooner since they could easily be me and Ashley 20yrs down the road. It was a really good and filling meal! We went back to the hotel for some sleep.

The next morning we were up and ready to go! We got on the bus that took us to the airport, one bad thing…I felt a cold coming on :-/ oh no!!! By the time we got to the Frankfurt airport I was done for, we got a few more souvenirs and I got some cold meds before we boarded our 10hr flight. The cold meds didn’t work and I wasn’t feeling so good. I was able to ask around and found someone with some American cold medicine and that help tremendously! We made it back to Houston where our men were waiting for us! <3 

<3 So glad to be home <3
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