Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Retire in Cuenca, Ecuador on a Budget

So I was surfing the web and came across this article about Cuenca, Ecuador and how its a really great place to retire. In the article, written by Kathleen Peddicrod, she talks about how you can rent a furnished apartment for only $400 a month or buy a small condo outright for $40,000. Ecuador uses the US dollar so you don’t have to worry about converting your money and you can get a better deal on the dollar over there too. She mentions how lunch would only cost between one and two dollars! And that you can take a bus through the city for $0.25. The city doesn’t lack in culture either, Kathleen talks about how you can attend orchestras, plays, tango shows, and art openings all for free. Since the city is a popular destination for international tourists and students there are many offerings for super affordable Spanish lessons.

When moving to a new country one major thought is health care. Will you be able to get the kind of care you could get in the states? The answer is yes! Cuenca heath care is high quality, honest, and inexpensive. In the article Kathleen links to another article she wrote about Latin America's Top Health Care. She mentions that some friends of hers had the same procedure but one was in Ecuador and the other in Arizona. The total cost in Ecuador was $110 and in Arizona it was $5,190 with the patient's portion being $347.

I have to be honest this article made me want to check out this city and look into traveling there. You can check out the whole article here. And check out Kathleen's websites and This would also be the perfect place for people who can work from home to move to for a while and take in a new culture!
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