Monday, May 7, 2012

When Browsing Turns to Buying

In my last post I mentioned that I like to price and plan future vacations that are happening WAY in the future. We'll a few weekends ago I was doing just that! I was checking out an email I got from AAA that said "Hawaii was on SALE!" so I started clicking away to see how much it would cost IF we went. First I looked at Maui and it would cost about $4,000 for a 10 night stay at a hotel, flight and car for two people. This wasn’t a bad deal and we were really considering it. Then I looked into Kauai and saw that we could get the same deal for only $3,200!!! WHAT?!?!? REALLY?!?!? So called the travel agent, told her I would be in her office that afternoon and by 5pm our trip was booked! We couldn’t believe the deal we stumbled upon!

photo from napaliriders
So this is where my crazy love for travel and planning comes in handy! Booking unexpected great travel deals! So now I am in full on planning mode on the activities and fun things we'll do on the island. Kauai is where many movies and TV shows have been filmed so we plan on watching all of them before we go! Can't wait to get back into the Aloha Spirit!

Read about our last trip to Hawaii's Big Island.

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