Friday, September 14, 2012

Travel RoundUp

1- Ryan Air is known for their super cheap flights around Europe. Well they are able to make these flights so cheap because stupid people mess up and are forced to pay $380 for 5 pieces of paper. This UK family was traveling back from Spain and did not print their boarding passes before arriving at the airport. Ryan Air clearly states that if you need to print your pass at the airport they will charge you for it. Do you think this is reasonable or do you think Ryan Air is going overboard?

2- Icelandair is offering free stopovers for flights from the US to Canada and over 20 European cities. Hmmm, something I'll have to think about! Iceland is on my bucket list!

3- The new iPhone is going to cause hotels all over a major headache! The one major change seems to be that the "Lightning Connector" that is located at the bottom of your phone is now smaller. This is where you plug in your cords to connect to an outlet, computer, and the iPod docks. So either you'll have to provide your own on your travels (they will cost about $30), hotels will have to provide you with one (for a fee I'm sure, how will they keep track of them?), or hotels will have to change out all their iPod docks. But what about us with the iPhone 4, what will we do?

4- I found this super awesome picture online this past week and wanted to share. The photo was taken by Ho-Yeol Ryu at the Hannover Airport in Germany. Its number 14 on the list if you click the link and here is his website.

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