Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Travel RoundUp

Welcome October!!! 2013 is almost over! Here is your monthly Travel RoundUp

1 - The Concordia which crashed into a reef off Italy in early 2012 was finally turned right-side up.

3 – Buzzfeed has found 16 other things you could buy instead of a first class ticket on Singapore Airlines.

4 – The smog in Hong Kong has gotten so bad that they had to put up banners of their skyline so people could take pictures in front of it. Might not be the best time to visit. 

5 – Yay! You might be able to keep your shoes on through TSA check points!

6 – A Qantas flight was grounded because they found an 8 inch (20cm) snake in the passenger cabin!

 8 – Etihad Airways will be introducing “Flying Nannies” to help parents with their children during the flight. Talk about high rollers!

9 – Colorado has rebranded itself and so far it’s not that popular. What do you think?

10 – In early September the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was opened.

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