Monday, May 16, 2011

The Norwegians Invade!

So lucky for us the friends we had made in Norway were going to study at Texas Tech for a whole semester! The ones that came that we knew or took classes with were Cecilie, Fredrik, Aleksandra, Tormod, Erik and Terje. And the two people that I didn’t know were Kjersti and Lene but we became close friends. We were so excited to have them! Amanda, Cecilie, Lene and I became a tight foursome; we would all go out together and end up in the hot tub after….we occasionally would meet up with the others. They all lived in different apartment complexes around the city of Lubbock but we never had any issues with picking them up.  Justin lived further away so he would swig by and pick up Tormod, Aleksandra, and Kjersti when we were all meeting up. It’s so fun to have people from other countries stay with you and you get to show them your home! We took them to football games and all the nasty fast food places…and the good restaurants in Lubbock (if you can really say they have any) and of course all the bars ;)

Charlotte also came to visit us for Halloween! She also happen to be there for the Tech (TTU) vs. Texas (UT) football game. Not only had she never seen an American football game she picked a great game to go to (this coming from a person who doesn't like football). Tech won by just a few points (39-33). While she was there all the Norwegians carved pumpkins and we also made Charlotte a traditional Thanksgiving dinner! YUM! Big props to Amanda for her sweet cooking skills!

Charlotte and Cecilie with the wishbone

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