Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where should I go next?!?!?!

So after I came home I was sitting with my best friend by her pool and telling her about my trip and my travels and she was so into it and wanting to do something like that too. Well her dad was sitting out there with us. Let me give you a little background with Ashley’s dad, I have known her since 6th grade and I haven’t spoken more than 10 words to him my whole life! And he himself has also traveled a lot in Europe, mainly Germany. Well he said that if we planned it he would pay for it! Ashley and I go into the house and I am like, “WHAT?!?!” am I under the impression that he is going to pay for us to have an adventure for us? Yes! So with my experience with traveling in Europe and trying to navigate foreign cities I suggested maybe trying to find a tour to take that could show us more in a short amount of time. After some Googling   we found Trafalgar Tours. We decided that the ‘Best of Italy’ tour would be the best choice for us since it was the right length, price, and let us see the best places in Italy. The only time I could go was over Christmas since I was still in school. So we would be spending out first Christmas away from our families…in ITALY!!! So it was a good trade. As the date gets closer the tour gets booked, the flights are booked and before we know it, it’s time to take off! 

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