Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Pack Light

Packing light can really help you when it comes to traveling and getting trough security quickly. And now that airlines charge you for the bags you check it makes you think, "do I really need to take that?" If I am traveling for a week or more I am definitely taking a large bag and checking it. But I make sure to carry everything I really need in my carry-on (one of my biggest fears is the airline loosing my bag).

In my carry-on I bring:

  • toothpaste & brush
  • all my make-up (I don't want to spend $100's replacing it)
  • hair straightener (again, don't want to spend $$$ replacing it)
  • one pair of clothes
  • few pairs of undergarments and socks
  • swimsuit (if I'm traveling to a tropical destination) 
  • all the electronics we have (cameras, recorders, iPads, etc.) 

Traveling for a long weekend can prove to be a little more difficult when only trying to travel with carry-on luggage. But now there are also so many cool new jackets that can second as your suitcase or even your carry-on. Check out these from Scottvest

for more info on how to pack and what to pack check out OneBag.

Happy Traveling! 
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