Sunday, March 4, 2012

Travel Insurance: To Buy or not to Buy

So about a year ago when we started planning our trip to Hawaii I started seeing friends on facebook and people at work talk about getting jury duty and hoping it wouldn't mess up their travel and/or wedding plans. It really got me thinking. Also, we were going to be traveling to an island with a valcanon on it and part of its coat line was hit by the tsunami that hit Japan.
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I had always thought that travel insurance was kind of a scam; just another way for them to make money off of you. Whit this in mind, I went ahead and asked my travel agent about it. She gave me the full coverage price for 2 people and it was going to be ~$300 per person!!! ($600 is a big deal when you're planning/budgeting for a vacation). And then she gave me option 2 ... 80% coverage should we for some reason have to cancel our trip for only $154 for the BOTH of us! That I could live with. When she emailed me the paper work I began to look at it and it covers so much more! Which made me kind of relieved. Below is the list of things our insurance covered.

  • Lost Baggage (very important!)
  • Baggage Delay ($300 a day)
  • Missed Connection ($800 for any fees the airlines try to slap on you)
  • Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Emergence Medical and Dental
  • Trip Cancellation Protection
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Interruption (should you need to rush home for something)

All of these things make sense and it made me feel so much better about having all our bases covered. Look at your vacation like an investment, would you protect your investments? Yes! So why not protect your vacation, your personal belongings, and family while you are an adventure!  Here is a link to good travel tips from my favorite financial guru.
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