Sunday, October 21, 2012

Travel RoundUp

1- Last month a woman flew from Florida to New Jersey with a loaded Ruger .380. That’s right, she got past TSA and the x-ray machines!!! As soon as she realized what happened she didn't say anything until she got off the plane in N.J. and reported it to a Port Authority police officer. She is license to carry the gun. See the whole story here.

2- The tiny country of Luxembourg is having a royal wedding! They are hoping that this union will bring more attention to the small European country. Just as a point of reference, Luxembourg is smaller than the smallest state of Rhode Island and can fit into Germany 138 times! See the couple here.

3- In North Carolina if you call the tourism 800 number (800-VISIT-NC) you will get connected to a prison. You read that right, the state is saving money by having the women from a maximum security prison answer your questions about visiting their great state. Everyone there is serving 15 years to life. Don’t let that keep you from calling though! They know what they are talking about and enjoy their work. Check out the whole article here.

4- And as the space shuttle Endeavor made it to its final resting place this past week here it is making its way across Houston, TX. The picture was taken by a co-worker’s mom.

5- Also, check out this different, cool website that will be launching early November called, They will pick your vacation for you...eeekkk! I dont know if I can let someone have that much control!

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