Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TripAdvisor Swag

I write this blog for two reasons 1) because I LOVE talking about traveling and sharing experiences and stories and 2) I secretly hope that one day this blog will become my income and I can write and travel as part of my job.

That being said I have yet to have some real success on this little website of mine :( Along with the blog I review the places and things we do while traveling on TripAdvisor (if I could get the 7640 readers to check out my blog that would be awesome!). And a few weeks ago I must have hit a mile stone in my contributions because they sent me an email saying they were going to send me a free luggage tag! Even though it's something so small I got really excited and was thinking, "am I starting to make it?" HA – I really doubt it but I kind of feel like I am.  Along with the tag they sent me 3 stickers to give out to my favorite hotels and restaurants. I plan to use them in Hawaii and maybe get some free swag in return. One can hope right?

You can check out my TripAdvisor page here.

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