Monday, April 29, 2013

Under Bite: The Tail of Two Bulldogs

OMG! I have been neglecting the blog these past few weeks. We have been very busy! We are in the process of moving and building a house so our weekend are filled with packing and trips to the storage unit. BUT onto the loves of my life my bulldogs!

Every time someone comes up to me and says how much they like my bulldog and that they have always wanted one I have to kind of bite my tongue and not lecture them about how high maintenance some bulldogs can be. Lola has had this reoccurring skin issue and it doesn't seem to bother her but I bring her in for a skin scraping every-now-and-then to make sure things are okay and there isn't an infection. We brought her in at the beginning of the month and got the results back 2 weeks later and turns out she did have a small fungal (I know, gross) infection. And then a week later we came home and she just wasn't acting right, I think my mother intuition was kicking in. We brought her into the vet the next day and ran some test and took some x-rays and it turns out my poor baby had pneumonia!!! And then after all that she wasn't eating! After some trials we had to change her meds (and not I didn't get a refund on the ones that didn't work) we got her to stop throwing up and she is finally eating all her food. She truly is just like having a child but I love her so! ... And Coco is doing just fine! Seems my husband was right and getting the Old English Bulldog has saved us some visits to the vet, she is low maintenance!

{Love me, I'm sick!}

{You mess with The Coco, you get The Tongue}

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