Monday, September 2, 2013

Travel RoundUp

Happy Labor Day all! I hope those of you that get the day off are making the most of it and having fun!

1 – See this crazy slideshow of seized contraband!

2 – Check out this 5-Star yacht hotel! Please send a free ticket my way haha!

3 – Here are some passport pictures of famous people.

4 – I love this post that The Frugal Model made about traveling for less in Europe!

5 – See what it takes to upgrade a Boeing 777.

6 – A new language was discovered in Australia; only 350 people speak it.

7 – Ever wonder how to get priority line access on flights? Here are some tips.

8 – After the airline was unable to book them hotel accommodations these passengers were forced to sleep on the floor after an emergency landing.

9 – Ever wonder what pilots are really thinking? Some share their secrets here.

10 – Traveling can be pretty stressful, here are some natural remedies for travel ailments.

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