Monday, September 9, 2013

Whats in a Name?

With the recent name change of AirAsia to Vanilla Air I thought you might be interested in some pretty wacky airline names that have come and gone. Here we go:

Lord’s Airline:  Florida to the Holy Land

Happy Air: Based in Thailand

Hooters Air: 
Based in Myrtle Beach

Robin Hood Aviation:  based in Austria and flew a tiny fleet of turboprops

Wizz Air: This Hungarian-based discounter styles itself the Ryanair of Eastern Europe 

Bingo Airways: The Polish line started flying charters last year to Mediterranean destinations like Greece, Turkey and Israel

Song and Ted: Discount airlines-within-airlines — launched by Delta and United to fight back at JetBlue 

Gandalf Airlines: Gandalf was a short-lived regional airline based in Italy

See the inspiration for this post here.

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