Monday, December 2, 2013

Travel RoundUp

With only 29 days left in the year I hope you are ready for 2014!

1 - Check out the cute tiny house hotel in Portland! It would be fun to stay here for a few nights!

2 - Venice has banned the amount of large ships allowed to port in its city. Venice usually allows nine ships per day but the new regulations will only allow five.
{SourcePhoto by David Roark/Disney via Getty Images}
3 - Ever wonder what the world would look like if the ice melted? Goodbye Florida!


5 - When you cruise the open waters do you feel like you're missing something, a relaxing afternoon in your yard? Well now you don’t have to feel that way since Celebrity Cruise line has brought the backyard to you!

6 - Check out these WILD runways and how planes land on them!

7 - Wouldn’t you love to find this in an airplane restroom!

8 - Will you be heading to Russia for the winter Olympics? Here is a way to ride the subways for free!

9 - Rental cars are always so expensive; here is a new alternate solution.

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