Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Airline Etiquette

This article comes from Yahoo! Travel it is what an ex-flight attendant thinks are some helpful airline etiquette tips. 

Prepare ahead of time
Prepare for your flight folks! This means includes arriving early and not packing too much. 

Don’t pack more than you can lift.
It really bothers me when I see people with these HUGE “carry-on” bags that can barely make it down the aisle. Come on, get rid of that bag and buy one within the airline’s regulations. It will save you and other passengers a lot of hassle.   

Help someone who’s struggling with their bags
I would help someone truly in need like an elderly passenger or a parent traveling alone with a child. But if you’re just one of those people that tries to shove your shit into a space that it obviously isn’t going to fit you are not going to get any help from me.  

Check before you recline
Reclining has become a hot-button battle. I think some courtesy is warranted here; maybe check to see what the person behind is doing. If they are asleep, recline, if they are working on their laptop maybe you should keep your seat in the upright position. And when food service begins, bring your seat back up so the person behind you can eat without the tray table jabbing him or her in the gut.

Armrest Rules
When you have three seats next to each other, who gets what armrest? To Whitmore, the answer is easy. “The person sitting in the aisle has the luxury of getting up first. The person by the window has the best view.” So, she thinks the person stuck in the middle should have domain over both of the two middle armrests. “Nobody knows that rule,” a surprised Whitmore says. We’re shocked, too.

I LOVE her answer to this! I was stuck in the middle when traveling to Hawaii and the guy in the window seat was hogging the armrest the ENTIRE time! How rude!  

Be respectful of those around you
Don’t play your music/video games/movies on your device without headphones. And try not to stink up the entire cabin with food you bring on board.

It’s OK to shoot down a chatty seatmate, but do it politely.

Allow those in front of you to disembark first
This should be an easy one but you would be surprised how many times someone across the aisle or behind me will try and disembark between me and my husband. Hello! We’re together and I’m pretty sure I can walk faster than you!

Hold your tongue
If you encounter a rude passenger, take it up with the flight attendant first.

Be a good parent
This one speaks for itself!

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