Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinspiration: Baby Shower Edition

Crafting for a baby shower can take some time. My theme was Welcome to the World so there were a lot of maps involved. Here are the crafts we did for mine.

1 – Mod Podge Kleenex boxes for the flowers. Except we didn’t use mod podge, my mom found that using Elmer’s Clear Glue (not gel) in the same way as mod podge (painting it on) worked just as well and it was much cheaper.

2 – We did the same thing for the letters B-A-B-Y that decorated the table

3 – The ‘Welcome’ wreath - I had seen some of these on Pinterest but they were using wrapping paper so we used a map. I think it turned out great! It took my friend all day to make. If you plan on making one of these give yourself plenty of time. I plan to spray it with spray varnish so it will keep longer. Here is the tutorial she used.

4 – Food labels and gift tags - I made these with my Silhouette. This machine is pretty cool. You just design what you want on the Silhouette software and then cut it or draw it. All the pictures and cutouts I purchased from the Silhouette design store.

5 – Banners - probably the easiest out of all the crafts. We just cut out some triangles and used some twine to string them together.

6 – We also spray painted some items, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

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