Sunday, May 31, 2015


Every now and then I join a travel blogging link-up and this month it is about souvenirs. I love souvenirs and I love buying things on my travels. I just like being able to say, "I got that in ... " 

When I was younger I use to collect key chains and tee shirts, my mom collects refrigerator magnets. But on my third trip to Europe is when I started my collections. From my travels I collect Christmas ornaments and art work. I love both of these because they aren't just little trinket that sits around. The artwork is hung and tells a story of where we have been and the ornaments decorate our tree and remind us of the adventures we have been on (and they only come out once a year; my husband hates clutter so this is a bonus). 

{Just some of my many ornaments}

{Just some of our art collection}

What are some things you collect from your travels?

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