Monday, June 1, 2015

Motherhood Monday

Well its another Monday so that means time for a post about being a mom :D I cant decide if I want to call Monday's post 'Mommy Monday' or 'Motherhood Monday' what do you think?

Today I want to talk about breastfeeding. The hospital I delivered at is VERY pro breastfeeding - upon delivery your are even assigned a lactation specialist! They also offer a class on breastfeeding, a support group and they have a lactation store where you can buy all sorts of fun things that have to do with boobs! (Sorry, my immature self needed to say boob!)

I'm not going to get into my thoughts and opinions on breastfeeding but I will offer some tips and things that I like:

Nursing Bras/Tops - I have some tank tops from Bravado! and I love them. Cake is also a great brand and I have a few from them (I also have their PJs). I also bought some tops from Destination Maternity.

Pumps/Pumping Equipment - I selected the Medela pump from my insurance and it has worked out great. Medela is also the brand my hospital uses.

Having a hands free pumping bra is REALLY helpful and a must! Mine is Simple Wishes and the best part is its one size fits all.

Nursing pad are another item you'll need to buy. When I bought my first box I went with the store brand, don't do this. Get the brands that are known for breastfeeding: Lansinoh and Medela (they are much softer and designed better).

Supplements - Some times you may need a little help in keeping your supply up. I was pointed to these supplements: Fenugreek and Malunggay. I also tried the Milky drink you can buy at Destination Maternity but it was pretty nasty tasting.

Have a great Monday - I am off to take care of the little bambina!

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