I wanted to start this blog so that I could share my experiences with others and help them travel easier and better. I only started reviewing on TripAdvisor and taking real notes about my travels in 2010 when we went to Key West for a long weekend. That trip was the first vacation that I had ever planned on my own; my Trafalgar Tours are all planned for me by the company!

I also decided to summarize and re-post interesting and fun travel articles I find. I hope you enjoy reading about my/our adventures and if you have any helpful tips please share!

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I got my first passport when I was 18 months old for an exotic trip to Africa...I don't remember any of it. I got my second when I was about 7 for a family trip to Scotland. In 2008 I got my third and I was blessed with being able to take a 6-week study abroad program in Norway. While living in Norway I was able to take some weekend trips to London, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. After that I was hooked, traveling was a part of me. In December of 2008 my best friend and I went on a grand tour of Italy and then in 2010 we went and saw Imperial Europe. By that time I was married and to cut down on travel costs we mainly use rewards points. With those points we have been able to see some amazing things; like our trips to Hawaii, Chicago and our mini-tour of Europe in 2014.

Traveling may take a backseat for a year or two as we are expecting our first child in May 2015! You can read about my journey to motherhood here. And some trips for traveling while pregnant are sprinkled in. I can't wait to take our little one on some adventures!

I hope you find this blog interesting, amusing and most of all helpful! I love sharing my stories and talking about traveling so just email me if you have any questions!

{Top-Bottom, Left-Right: Hawaii, Vienna, Kauai, NYC, Prague, Rome, London, Bergen, Paris}

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