Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Business/First Flight Home

Thank you so much for keeping up with our trip to Europe! I took Friday off from blogging because it was a BUSY week and I feel like I have been posting NON STOP about this trip! I have been posting here and on TripAdvisor. I have one more post about it and then I'm done...I promise! 

First I want to talk about the airports themselves and security. The security in Frankfurt was pretty intimidating. They don’t talk to you…they just stare at you making you feel like you've done something wrong…but you haven’t so don’t worry! I noticed that people weren't taking their shoes off through security so I asked if I had to (I was wearing boots that were hard to get off). She said no but the minute I walked through they patted me down and made me sit and remove my boots?!?! What the heck! When I did this in Paris I asked the same question and they said yes, you need to remove your boots and even gave me some little booties to put on over my socks so I didn't get them dirty.

This was my second time flying this Frankfurt to Houston route. The first time is was horrible because I was sick and in coach. I have to say that our flight back on United was more enjoyable than the flight to Amsterdam. I can’t really put my finger on it but I think the seats were more comfortable but one thing is for sure, they were less noisy! The Lufthansa seats would make a lot of noise when we moved them into reclining position or a bed. So I heard everyone moving them up and down, up and down all night!

Here are some pictures from our flight home.

{Lufthansa Paris Lounge}

{Food on the plane}

{Amenities kit}

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