Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Off to Germany We Go!

We left Amsterdam early and ended up in Boppard, Germany. We got a small tour of Boppard and had some lunch before boarding the boat for a Rhine River cruise. The boat ride was wonderful and a good time to relax. There were so many castles; including Liebenstein, Rhinefels and Katz. And then, at the end of our cruise we saw the Lorelei statue. The statue is a bronze statue about 16 feet in height. The statue is just north of the Lorelei Rock, the narrowest section of the Rhine River and has a cliff face almost 400 feet high. 

{Liebenstein Castle}

{Katz Castle}

{Rheinfels Castle}
Lorelei (aka Loreley) is a legendary German mermaid, who was created by Clemens Brentano in 1801. The legend goes something like this: A beautiful maiden named Lorelei waited for her lover on a rock at the narrowest and shallowest point of the Rhine River. He never returned, so she jumped off the rock to her death. The legend is that her spirit remains at the rock, seeking revenge against her unfaithful lover. She sits on the rock, now named for her, combing her long blonde hair and singing softly. Sailors are so enchanted by her beauty that they crash their ships into the rock or run aground in the shallow water. 

{You can see how big the statue is compared to the people walking below her}
After the cruise we were on our way to Heidelberg. We didn't go up to the castle but it was a sight to see! We had some free time to roam around and we came across these cookie balls (later I found out they are called schneeballen) and they are delicious and someone in the US should start making them! 

{Heidelberg Castle}

{Cookie Balls! Schneeballen}
From Heidelberg we went to our hotel in Mannheim. After eating dinner all the shops were closed and it was dark :( so we just walked around the Rosengarten and then headed in for the night. 

{Rosengarten Mannheim}
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