Friday, April 4, 2014


After moving into our new home we had a dilemma, where do we keep the dog food. First, before we bought a dinning room table, we had a sweet little set up for them. But once we had a table we didn't have room for their little buffet
{Their old set up equipped with puppy buffet and personal fans}
And it was inconvenient to pull their food out twice a day and then put it back again. So we ended up just leaving them out on the counter… but that didn't look nice. So off to The Container Store we went! They really didn't have any super large glass containers that were air tight so we bought the biggest ones we could find (1.5L). They also didn't have any that would hide what was inside.

I had some chalk board paper that I was able to wrap around the whole canister to conceal most of the dog food.


Now we can leave it on the counter and it looks cute!

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