Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Send a Personal Postcard with Lettr

So I'll admit, I love getting letters and postcards in the mail. I have ever since I was little. I still send out Christmas cards and Thank You notes to friends and family members. And when I'm on vacation I always make an effort to send a post card. Problem with sending a postcard is that the recipient will most likely get it once you are already back from your trip. 

So, I was excited when Lettr approached me to try out their product. Lettr allows you to send your loved ones a postcard with a picture YOU have taken. 

{Here is the Lettr postcard I sent my family while we were on our vacation}
How Lettr works?
Lettr allows travelers to send innovated papery postcard from any place in the world. No need to have a pen, stamp or even a postcard. On the back side of the postcard, there is a message, sender’s signature and a map with the location showing the place where the postcard was created.

- The user takes a picture of his or hers awesome moment. That picture will be printed on the front side of the postcard.

- Sending personalized postcard is that simple. Just a smartphone or laptop with internet connection is required. Once the postcard is created, it is sent to one of our center. Then the order is sent to the closest place of the final destination. We take care of express printing and delivery.

- The postcard is printed on traditional paper, the same kind travelers are used to sending. Delivery time is usually 2-3 days instead of after the traveler returns from vacation.

Lettr has given my readers the chance to send a postcard for free. The first 10 people to click the link will be able to send a personal postcard via Lettr for FREE! Please use the link below.

* I received a free postcard for trying the service out, all opinions are my own. I will receive compensation for any future use of the link provided once the 10 free postcards have been used.

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