Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our First Night in Paris

This was the day that we had to make the long journey from Lucerne, Switzerland to Paris, France. It’s a pretty long drive! We arrived in Paris around 4ish and checked into our hotel in the La Defense area. We actually had a nice partial view of La Grande Arche de La Defense. After freshening up we were off to the famous Moulin Rouge; not gonna lie, I was pretty excited because I LOVE the movie and the soundtrack. Especially the soundtrack! We were there for dinner and the show which started at 7pm (but the show didn't start until 9pm). The food was okay but my biggest complaint was the way they had us packed in there like sardines! If one person needed to leave the table we all had to file out to let that person out… this was most likely because we were right up against the stage. The one time where panic set in was when they did their snakes in a pool number and one of the snakes got out! And was headed for Matt! Thankfully one of the stage hands pushed that 12ft boa constrictor back into the pool. 

The show was just okay, maybe a little better then something you would see in Las Vegas. But I did like some of the music, even though it was in French some of the songs were pretty catchy and were stuck in our heads for a few days :P The show finished at 11 and we were back at the hotel at midnight.

I would highly recommend doing this attraction with a group. With the group you’ll get a discount and you’ll most likely get better seating. I’m glad we did it with a group because I’m not sure we would have done it on our own with prices like 210€ per person.   

{yummy dessert}

{Matt resting his arm on the stage}
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