Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Travel RoundUp

And we're back to our regularly scheduled posts! Here is what has been happening in the travel world lately.

1 - Ever wonder how airlines handle your luggage? Air Canada was caught red handed!

2 - How did this teen survive in a wheel well on a flight from LA to least Maui is a nice destination!

4 - More news for all of you that have frequent flyer miles with American Airlines

5 - What would you do if you saw a plane bust into flames?!?! 

6 - Airline innovations that will change the way you fly.

7 - Later this year United will launch the longest flight, LA to Melbourne, Australia. A total of 7,927 miles! 

8 - Budget airline Allegiant Airlines had plans to offer passengers a "giant" seat.  

And check out my recent TripAdvisor stats!

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