Thursday, July 26, 2012


This past weekend I went to Minnesota for some family stuff and of course I went to the Mall of America. Did you know that in 1956 in Edina, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) the first fully enclosed mall with a two level design was opened…so it makes since that the Mall of America is in MN. I thought the mall was a bit over rated (which is what I expected). It is HUGE that’s for sure, but other than that is was just another mall. It did have a few stores that would have been awesome 10-12 years ago (i.e. American Girl and Lego) but American Girl is getting a store in Houston soon anyway...about 15 years too late for me. It does have the theme park in the middle but all that does is add to the amount kids there are running around getting on my nerves (I don’t have kids yet so I haven’t built up that patience for them yet).

After doing the mall thing we had family business to attend too, we drove up to Hewitt, MN where we saw the farm my great grandparents had and where my grandma grew up. And then we headed east to a family reunion full of people I had never met before…FUN…not. Really, it wasn’t too bad. The majority of the day was spent in the car looking at farm land.

We flew United and although the planes were very small the service from the flight attendants was great. While we waited for our flight I got to see an On the Fly type situation. A woman who was accompanying three minors that were traveling alone had missed their flight by a few seconds. She was begging them to open the plane door and let them in (since the plane had not taken off) but they didn't and the plane left without them. I can't help but think, "that sucks!" and "well, it's your fault." I say it's your fault because all three kids had food and drinks..obviously they didn’t get those through security so that means they had to stop and get it after security and before heading to the gate…maybe if they hadn’t stopped they wouldn’t have missed their flight.

Happy Travels!
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