Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel RoundUp

So I found some interesting travel news so far this week. Check them out!

1- Hillary Clinton breaks travel record, she has become the Secretary of State with the most countries visited. She has traveled to 102 countries totaling 843,839 miles…that’s a lot of frequent flyer miles!
2- Needles found in Delta Airline's sandwiches!!! Four flights from Amsterdam to the US had some surprises in their meals, sewing needles. A man who was flying to Minnesota was put on Anti-HIV medication as a precaution and that same man's son was on another flight to Atlanta and he too found a needle in his sandwich. Not only that, these people were flying first class. A former FBI special agent said, "You can't check every sandwich that goes aboard a plane." …um…If you can check every piece of luggage that goes on a plane I think you can check our food too…run that stuff though an x-ray machine!
3- New harm to aircraft and everyone inside – A JetBlue pilot suffered an injury after a green laser had been pointed into the cockpit while the aircraft was coming in for a landing at JFK. They were 5,000 ft up in the air! Why do people have to be so dumb? Don’t shoot lasers at planes.
4- Titanic II is under way, an Australian billionaire has announced his plans to have a modern-day version of The Blue Star Lines doomed ship built. The Titanic II will be built in China and is on schedule for its first voyage in 2016….yeah I won't be on that ship, talk about bad luck.
5- A United Airlines Boeing 757-200 dropped in altitude of more than 20,000 feet while over the Atlantic! The flight was on its way to London but was safely diverted to St. John's Canada...This is not okay! :-z

flying into Rome

Happy Travels!
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