Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wardrobe Changes on Vacation, 1, 2, 3 times?!?!

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While surfing the web this week I stumbled upon an article that talked about how women always over pack. I feel that this is somewhat in our nature, we plan for the unknown outing. The article said that while on vacation the average woman changes 4 outfits a day! WOW! I find that to be a lot but at the same time not unbelievable either. I would say, while on vacation, I typically change outfits twice a day…maybe three depending on what we're doing that day. If we're hiking then of course I'll wear something athletic for hiking and then something nice for dinner. On the occasion I wear three outfits would be if we are doing something in the morning (site seeing for example) and then we go swimming in the afternoon and then my third outfit would then of course be for dinner. (Thinking about it...we already pretty much wear 2 outfits a day, work and then what we change into after work.)

The article continues to say that 1 in 10 women will make 7 wardrobe changes in one day while on vacation and that 8 out 10 women admit that they don’t wear everything they bring - Guilty there! – I always bring WAY too many shoes and probably 2-3 outfits that don’t get worn. I know I don’t need them all when I pack but it’s the whole, "I don’t know what I'll need" and "you never know who might see" thing. This next trip to Hawaii will definitely take some strategic packing on my part. We are bringing gear for hiking and that includes things you wouldn’t normally pack for a vacation (hiking boots, water bottles, flashlights, walking poles, etc.). I can't wait to organize and pack it all!

…Back to the topic of outfits…So if I go on a 10 day vacation that would mean, at a minimum, I would need 20 outfits (don’t forget 20 undergarments too). And based on what that article said I would need 40!!! That is a lot!

What do you think? How many times do have a wardrobe change while you're on vacation? – Leave a comment!

~Happy Travels
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