Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 4: The Sunny South

Day 1: The Garden Isle
Day 2: The Hike that almost Killed Me
Day 3: Journey to the North Shore

We woke up and headed down the road to Poipu Beach Park for some snorkeling. For fun at Poipu I would get there early when nobody is there, you'll have the place to yourself! Then at 9 the Craft Fair in Paradise at Mono'Okalanipo Park (right next to Poipu) started and we walked through there picking out some art and a hand carved tiki-man. I was so excited to watch this guy work (and he looked like true Hawaii)! After we picked out which one we wanted he then hand carved a honu on the top and our names, place and date. I was really neat to watch!

After we finished up at the fair we headed to Kalapaki Joe's for a late breakfast/early lunch. We got there at about 10:45 and I was STARVING so I ordered breakfast (but my husband waited for lunch). There was a pretty big crowd there watching some football games and seemed like a pretty nice sports bar. I didn't enjoy the breakfast too much, the biscuits were stale :(

After that we went back to the hotel and cleaned up and relaxed before dinner. I made reservations for 5:30 (so we could watch the sunset) and The Beach House. With the exception of the bar waitress it was the best dining experience we had our whole trip! The food, service and views were all amazing! Before we had dinner we went up the road a bit to see the Spouting Horn, I thought it was cooler then it was going to be. Definitely worth a quick stop. 

Spouting Horn

Sunset from The Beach House

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