Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 5: Cruisin' the Coconut Coast

Wailua Falls
Day 1: The Garden Isle
Day 2: The Hike that almost Killed Me
Day 3: Journey to the North Shore
Day 4: The Sunny South

Today we had a small 4 mile hike planned but opted out since hike one nearly killed me. We headed to the east side of the island and hung out in Kapaa Town. First we drove up to Wailua Falls and took some pictures and then head on our way to breakfast. We stopped at Eggbert's it was pretty good and the prices seemed reasonable until we ordered drinks! They charged me $3 for 5oz of orange juice and the $3 for a regular coffee! (I feel $6 for two common drinks is a bit much…isn’t it usually like $1.50?) Anyway, they had some cute little girls hula dancing and selling leis…they were only $5 so I snatched one up!

After breakfast we tried to find the bike rental company I found online, Eastside Cruisers…well after iMaps failing and then finally finding it turns out they were closed…permanently! I was kind of frustrated so we decided to get out a maybe walk the Kauai Multiuse Path (a no motorized vehicle path along the coast). And out 50 steps into our walk it started to rain :( We made it back to the car and kind of drove around, the rain let up and we found Coconut Cruisers and rented some bikes from them. We road just past Kealia Beach and back; and along the way we were so lucky to see a monk seal sleeping on the rocky shore. The one we saw was a 7 year old male who had been in an altercation with a shark once :-/ ouch! We also learned that they got their name for their love of solidarity.
Eggbert's pigs in a blanket

Our Monk Seal

After we returned the bikes we headed north a bit a tried to see if Larsen's beach was worth a stop. There was plenty of warning signs saying it was rough water and high current and had one of those signs that said, "this many people have been washed out to sea" we opted to just take in the sights and be on our way. On our way back to Kapaa we stopped at Anahala Farmer's Market where they were cooking chicken and pork on a fire made of mango tree logs. The pork was good and the mountain scenery was breathtaking. We continued on our way and stopped at the ABC store to pick up some souvenirs (Mauna Loa mac nuts of course!) and then stopped to see Opaeka'a Falls. They had a little area where you could pull over and park and then walk to get a good view of the falls. And if you crossed the street you were able to see beautiful views of the Wailua River. Also along these stops were two ancient heiaus. Heiaus are religious sites or temples and you shouldn't disturb them.  
Opaeka'a Falls

Wailua River

After that we headed back to the hotel and cleaned up for dinner. We walked from our hotel to Keoki's Paradise in the Poipu Village Shopping Center and had a nice meal but a better dessert…the hula pie! Anyone traveling to Kauai needs to try this, it was like heaven on Earth!
Hula Pie!

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