Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Airline Bias

Do you have a preferred airline? We do, we like United (well I liked Continental but we all know what happened there) and they have a hub in Houston so it is really convenient for us. However when planning our first trip to Hawaii in 2011 our vacation package was substantially less if we went with American Airlines. So we flew American. Here are my thoughts on American… the seats were noticeably more uncomfortable and on the flight back the flight attendant was one of the worst ever! There was a family with a baby and toddler and the toddler was really upset and crying. The dad asked the flight attendant if he could have a pillow and blanket for the kid and she rudely said, "for $7!" Since when does a pillow and blanket cast money on a flight? And she said a few more rude comments before he asked for her name to which she responded, "We're not allowed to give our names, you can call me flight staff #2 on flight …" um, not allowed to give your names PLEASE! The 1st class attended had a name tag on…what a bitch! I felt so bad for them.

I have read so many bad things about American since then. Including this mess up with Kristin Chenoweth when a attendant yelled at her for traveling with her pet, even though she had all the paperwork and paid for the pet to fly. She the article here.

You can also read here why American Airlines was ranked number 7 on the Top 10 Hated Companies in America.

Whats your preferred airline?

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