Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 Places to See Before You Have Kids

Paris, France - Paris is the most visited city in the world with 45 million visitors each year. Paris is on my bucket list no doubt! But I think you could easily take a long weekend here and have family watch your kids. That is my tentative plan on visiting Paris, a nice romantic vacation away from the kids!

New Zealand - New Zealand seems to offer so much, it has beautiful rugged mountains along with crystal waters. It is also on the bucket list but I think this one will be on there for a while, although it would be nice money doesn't grow on trees! Plus that flight is so long I think I would want to be over on that side of the world for a month before flying back.

Disney World - Did it when I was a kid and looking at it as an adult it's just another theme park so I think I'll stick with the memories I have from when I was in 5th grade! If you're into Disney stuff then by all means go! You don’t have go when school is out so you can go in the off season and save money!

Route 66 Road Trip - Eh, nothing I see on it seems super awesome…plus I was able to watch Karl Pilkington do Route 66 on Season 2 of Idiot Abroad!

Napa Valley, CA - I think Napa would be another nice romantic weekend away from the kids!

Macao - Located near Hong Kong ...its another place in a far off land that costs a pretty penny to get to…

Angkor Wat - Now this is on my MUST SEE list!!!!! OMG I want to go there so BAD!!!! I am trying to talk the hubby into a trip to Thailand and Cambodia before we have kids. (we will be relying on mileage points for the flight!)

Transatlantic Cruise - Although this sounds like it might be fun, I think I would get bored spending SO MANY days at sea...I think its something like 18 days from Florida to Italy.

See original Yahoo! article here.

Where are some place that you think are worth visiting without kids? Any places you wish you had visited before you had kids?

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