Sunday, February 10, 2013

Travel RoundUp

1 - You wanna know how much it cost for the President to take his vacations to Hawaii??? In 2012 it was $6.4 million-US citizens-tax paying dollars. See how much it costs to keep the president safe and employ his entourage here.

2 - How about this to wake you up in the morning! An empty commuter train was stolen in Sweden and ended up crashing into an apartment building!

Hope you don’t plan on visiting China any time soon, they have some hard core smog going on over there right now! Check out the pictures here. My husband has an acquaintance that is over there for work right now and he says that his skin feels like sandpaper…ugh!

3 - A US Navy Ship is stuck on a coral reef in the Philippines, the reef is a world heritage site and it is being said that over 10 yards of the reef has been ruined! Not cool, not cool! Their only way to remove the ship from the reef is to chop up the ship.

4 - Canada prints the wrong kind of maple leaf on their new paper bills. They used the silhouette of a Norwegian Maple instead of the Canadian classic, Sugar Maple. Photo from original article here.

5 - Do you ever dream about scuba diving into one of those cool blue holes in the Caribbean  Well now you can own one! Check it out here!

6 - How about this story of airport security finding 18 heads in a bag?!?! What the ... right? Totally legitimate though!

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