Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 is Gone, Welcome 2014

I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year! Did you accomplish all that you wanted to in 2013? Here is how I panned out: 

2013 Blogging Goals
·   Reach 250 page views a month (I know that’s not a lot compared to some of you bigger bloggers out there) Nov '12-279 views-4 posts; Dec'12-325 views-11 posts (clearly the more posts I make the more views I get). Done – I get over 1,400 pages views a month now. Sometimes over 1,700
·   Start my new series, Extreme Travelers (monthly post) 10 out of 12 isn’t bad
·   Continue the Travel RoundUp series (monthly Post) Done
·   Let you get to know me on a new Pinspiration post. This will be where I can show you some of the small projects I work on around the house from ideas that I get from Pinterest. Done
·   Travel to one of these places this year: Chicago, Washington DC, or Niagara Falls Well we didn’t do any of these. The only traveling I did this year was driving to Destin, FL with my friend from Norway. BUT… We are going to Chicago in 2014!
·   Use a Groupon Getaway Nope, didn’t check this one off

2013 Personal Goals
·   Lose weight (isn't that on everyone's list?) I was able to keep 11 pounds off since joining Weight Watchers in December 2012     
·   Read more – Surprise, surprise. I did read some books, 4 to be exact. I read Orange is the New Black, and all three Fifty Shades of Grey books. (I’m actually reading the series again!)
·   Take our baby pup, Coco, to Galveston to see how she likes the water Didn’t happen. I don’t think she is quite ready for this, maybe another year.
·   Save one entire paycheck! We need to save for a new house and our trip to Thailand! Buying a house can make it hard to save money…and we’re no longer going to Thailand. Europe here we come!

2014 Goals
For the blog I am just going to keep doing what I have been doing; keeping up with my regular posts and trying to post three days a week. We have a few trips planned for 2014 so we’re going to focus on those and we are also hoping to make it back to Hawaii if we can get some free flights using our mileage points!

Other than that this year I don’t really feel like making too many goals. Are you planning on making any goals? Any place you wish to go to this year?

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