Monday, January 20, 2014

Is Cruising Right for You?

I haven't really talked much about cruising on my blog. I have only been on two cruises in my life; one to Mexico and the other was a short trip from Oslo to Kiel, Germany when I was studying abroad. While I did enjoy them both I am having a hard time convincing my husband that it would be fun. I like them because you get a lot of bang for your buck and you only have to unpack once but you get to see multiple cities! Here are some reasons AAA of Texas likes to cruise.

{Crossing under the ├śresund Bridge}
Value: For about $100 per person per day your vacation includes transportation, accommodation, meals, on board activities, and entertainment. You can pay extra for special amenities, but you don’t have to. On some luxury lines, items like bar drinks, tips, even shore excursions are included (and reflected in higher fares).

Camaraderie: Mom, Dad, kids, and grandparents can cruise together, each pursuing individual interests during the day, then gathering for dinner and sharing experiences. Singles can meet others in a fun, secure environment, and couples can share quiet evenings on deck. On a cruise, strangers easily become new friends.

{Carnival Cruise to Mexico} 
Safety: From 2002 to 2011, 223 million people (passengers and crew) cruised, according to U.K.-based maritime consulting firm G.P. Wild. During that time, there were 28 deaths attributed to marine accidents, 0.13 deaths per one million people. The 2012 capsizing of Costa Concordia claimed 32 lives, but such incidents, while tragic, are rare. In recent shipboard fire incidents, there were no passenger deaths or serious injuries. Cruise Line International Association, whose members include most major lines, has adopted a passenger’s bill of rights that covers such things as the right to disembark a docked ship if essential provisions can’t be provided.

Convenience: You unpack once; the ship carries you to your destinations. 

Activities: Depending on the ship, you can take classes in cooking, dancing, piano, and computers; you can go rock climbing, surfing, bowling, ice-skating, and even skydiving. Or you can lounge on a deck chair and watch the ocean, relishing the freedom of being cut off from the daily pressures of life back on land. Whenever we cruise, there’s always the feeling that something exciting is about to happen.

You can also check out Selena at Oh, the places you will go she as a lot about cruising the open seas! 


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