Friday, January 10, 2014

Working Out on Your Layover

Traveling can be stressful for some people, the lines, the waiting, the sitting, it can really get to a person and bring their physical health down. Some airports have realized this and decided to help a traveler out by adding gyms. And the ones that don’t have gyms… well here are some tips!

Hit the Gym
Some airports are adding gyms to their terminals! has compiled a list of gyms either in the actual airport or gyms VERY close to the airport if you have an even longer layover. DFW has one and so does LAX. These gyms appear to be connected to hotels that are on the airport ground; such as the Radisson Hotel at LAX. SFO has their own yoga room, located in terminal 2, and is free to all ticketed passengers.

Use Travelators as a Treadmill
If you find an empty travelator you can walk against the moving belt and get some serious cardio in.

{Travelator, source}
Walking Loops
Some airports have walking loops that are marked so you know the distance you have walked and you can do this over and over until your flight is called.

I also just started using this app called Nike Training, I really like it because you can choose your level and if you don't want to use weights you don't have to; just go with the motions...something perfect for an airport! I usually like to get some nice stretches and lunges in before boarding a long flight. I’m not usually dressed for it though.

Do you ever exercise during a layover? If so what are some of your go-to moves?

Inspiration for this post from Samantha Brown.

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