Monday, August 25, 2014

Things Not to Worry About While Traveling

When traveling, don't sweat the little things, have fun!

1 - Getting Robbed/Pick-Pocketed: Just stay alert and be aware of your surroundings and you'll be fine. We would always do a quick pocket check once we were out of the crowd to make sure we had everything. My grandfather was fortunate enough to be able to travel the world and he told me the only place he ever got pick-pocketed was New York City...where he lived. 

2 - What Other People Think: I am definitely a victim of this, I want to make sure I don't draw attention to myself and have TOURIST plastered on my forehead.

3 - Spending Too Much Money: You're on vacation! And you may never return to this place so have fun! If you see something you like, buy it! Don't regret not getting something because you didn't want to go over budget. 

4 - Jetlag: I can't really relate to this one, I don't seem to have a problem with it right now...maybe I will when I am older. I'm also a pretty small person, 5'4", so sleeping on a plane is manageable for 6'1" husband not so much.

5 - Breaking Laws You Don't Know About: I wouldn't worry about it but it is a biggy if you want to do something crazy. I know that I wanted to bring pepper spray with me on a trip once but it was not allowed in that country.

6 - What You're Going to Wear: For me this is right along side #2, I want to make sure I blend in and don't look 100% American. but try as I might, I'm sure I still do :)

7 - Getting Sick: Just be prepared. Have a small first aid kit and some medicine that you and your body are used to. I got sick on the day day of travel once and the medicine that I got in Germany did nothing for me. Fortunately I was able to bum some Tylenol cold off someone on my flight and was able to breath again!

8 - Not Being Able to Communicate With the Locals: I haven't had any big issues with this. Yes, there have been a few language barriers during my travels but pointing helps and it seems someone that speaks a little English is always close by :)

9 - Sticking to the Itinerary: Not sticking to the itinerary is blasphemy! I joke...sort of. I'm a planner at heart so we always have a jam-packed plan when we travel. But I do leave windows open for "free time" or in the moment we'll decide what we'll do for the evening.

10 - Getting Lost: Although I don't want to get lost and it would make me stress out a bit sometimes it can be fun. And it will most likely happen when you're walking around a foreign city and you don't know how to pronounce the street names. 

{the cross streets I lived on in Norway}

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