Monday, March 10, 2014

The Carry-on Only Challenge

My biggest concern while traveling is that the airline will loose my luggage. And when traveling to different countries where passport check-ins are required I'm concerned with getting through that, collecting my luggage and making it to my next gate in time. For our upcoming travel we have a hour and a half layover in Frankfurt before we depart for Amsterdam and I'm not sure that we'll have enough time to get our checked bags after passport check. So, I accepted the carry-on only challenge!

NOTE: All these outfits are in assumption that the temperature will be in the 40 degree Fahrenheit range...far too cold for this Texan! If that temperature changes then these outfits will most likely change too. 

Our trip is 7 nights long and 8 if you include the overnight travel. I was able to pack 8 tops, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, a light jacket and a few other things all in my carry-on suitcase. I have to say I was pretty impressed. I'm also taking on board my one "personal item" which will be a backpack. All my outfits can be interchanged pretty easily; all the tops go with jeans or my black pants. On the plane I'll be wearing the outfit that is second from the left, on the top row and I'll be taking the purple jacket with me.  

{All 8 Outfits, also included are my jackets}
{the shoes that are coming with me}
{putting one pair IN the other saved some space!}
When packing I used the rolling method (I rolled all my clothes instead of folding them) and I have to admit, it seemed to work! I was able to fit all my tops and a pair of pants (plus some undergarments) on one side of the suit case! After seeing I had more room is when I decided to bring another pair of pants just in case. 

p.s. I actually found the outfit picture taking helpful because it turned out that the blue polka-dot sweater was a bit see through with a flash an undershirt was packed too! 

{Almost full!}
 I put plastic bags around my boots so I don't get my clothes dirty.

{My one "Personal Item"}
After packing my converter/adapters, Microsoft Surface, camera, toiletry bag and make-up bag I'm sure I'll be able to fit my dress shoes and a few other items into my backpack.

How many days have you been able to pack in a carry-on bags?

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